Eat to Impress: How Carbs Became the New Bling

Oh, no he didn’t. Between bites of his olive-oil-drizzled focaccia, a lean, tall communications executive in slim jeans and a Savile Row blazer—let’s call him Jason—just ordered the cavatelli. For the table. At a dinner attended by attractive professionals at Maialino, Danny Meyer’s trattoria in Manhattan’s Gramercy Park, Jason stands out—not simply because he ordered carbs, but because he’s done so without hesitation or regret. And now he’s the only one eating. “It’s a celebration,” he says. “What’s the big deal?” Each time he lifts his cavatelli-capped fork, it’s as if he’s raising a middle finger to his body-fat-fixated dinnermates. “I didn’t think twice about ordering pasta,” the 40-year-old father of two says, later noting that he played two hours of tennis the next day. “I can drop five pounds in a week if I need to.”

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