Drake Talks About Wanting Justin Timberlake And Sade Collabos

ImageDrake talks about his desire to collaborate with Justin Timberlake, and R&B soulstress, Sade, in the future. As part of YMCMB, Drake is part of some of the biggest collaborations in the game, but the Toronto rapper is never satisfied.  He’s involvement in Aaliyah‘s posthumous project has been well-documented, and while details on that album are still murky, we do have him and the belated songstress on “Enough Said“. At the recent MTV VMA’s Drake took a second to mention a couple other collaborations he’s interested in.  One, is with legendary soul singer Sade, which would be audio silk for fans.  Another collab Drizzy would like, is with one of the biggest names in music, Justin Timberlake.  

In talking about his interest working with Sade, and J-Lake, the Canadian talent said, “I would love to do a collaboration with Justin Timberlake, and [Noah “40” Shebib]…he produced with Sade, and I would love to do a song with Sade.” Even though Timberlake is the bigger draw, it would be much more likely to see him and Drake join forces than Sade.  The singer is famously difficult to pin down for collaborations, as Drake learned when trying to get her on his debut album Thank Me Later. Drake seems to be an artist never content, and is always pushing his musical boundaries.  Chime in below, and let us know some artists you would like to see Drake work with. 



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