5 Netflix Streaming Discoveries This Week For You To Watch This Weekend (10/5/12)

A feature I started 3 weeks ago… recapping… Netflix now has about twice as many streaming subscribers than DVD subscribers, according to a company financial statement during the first half of this year, it means more of you continue to sign up for Netflix streaming accounts, specifically. And a common complaint I hear is that, available streaming titles aren’t as robust of DVD titles – especially when it comes to recent releases. But what I can do is alert you to films (old and new) that are streaming on Netflix, that you may not already realize are available in that format, and may be interested in checking out.

I missed last week’s 5. I’ll make up for it… eventually. But without further ado, here are this week’s 5; I tried to mix it up a bit, tossing in a few *fun* titles, since past picks have leaned more towards to serious: 1. Exam (2009) – Kudos to any filmmaker who can produce a feature-length film that takes place in real-time, entirely in one room, and have it actually be entertaining and riveting enough to keep the audience watching. The British film Exam is one film that I think lands on the side of success when it comes to films of that ilk. It’s a psycho-thriller, written and directed by Stuart Hazeldine, and co-starring a couple of Black British actors we’ve covered on this site, in Colin Salmon and Chukwudi Iwuji.

Salmon should be familiar to those of you here in the States – he’s played bit parts in several Hollywood-made movies, like Resident EvilAVPThe Punisher, and he was a regular in all 3 James Bond movies that starredPierce Brosnan in the title role. He was also featured in the underrated The Bank Job in 2008. The film brings together 8 disparate people – candidates for an unspecified high-powered job – who are placed in room to take an exam, with the winner of the test/exam, getting the job. Of course, all it’s not as simple as that, and things get a bit hairy. But I won’t reveal anymore, other than to say that the question is that there is no question. The film happens in real time, and it’s a crisply done, brisk genre film featuring some good acting.

100 Minutes, 8 Candidates, 1 Answer, No Question. Intrigued so far?

If not, maybe the below trailer will be more enticing.. Like I said, it’s a fun little genre film; nothing you’re going to write home about.


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