Words Kiran — Yoliswa Born in London to family from Jamaica and Barbados, Jamel Gordon-Lynch’s cheekbones may look familiar from our Spring 2011 Nowhere Boy editorial. For Issue 17 we’ve brought him back to help us re-imagine Samuel Fosso’s African Spirits autoportraits series.After bribing him with cheese omelettes, Gordon-Lynch took some time out on the shoot to tell us about life on the rise. Stats Name: Jamel Gordon-Lynch (@jamel_truthAge: 22Agency: Models1CV: Editorials for ARISE, Wonderland, iD, GQ, ASOS. Covered Wallpaper magazine That model life: Discovered… “Walking into Models1 with my mum”.Modelling high… “Travelling to Istanbul for a Sarar campaign. I loved embracing different cultures, learning new things.”Favourite models… “My pals Dudley O’Shaughnessy and Jeremy Boateng.”Extracurricular activitiesOutside fashion… “I rap, sing, produce and DJ.”Good bits… “I exercise almost every day.”Not so good bits… “I don’t listen.”Can’t live without… “God, love and music.”…and during Fashion Week? “My Oyster card and Google Maps.”African Icon… “Nelson Mandela.”‘Become an icon’ masterplan… “Learn more languages, travel the world and then inspire people to change it. Create good music that can withstand the test of time. Star in a movie.”


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