The Undecided: Have they made up their minds?

(CNN) — They represent a sliver of the electorate yet could still hold the key to the Oval Office. In a contest that’s already the most expensive in history, we set out to meet the men and women whose choices are so highly prized: the undecided voters. They represent six key groups in the key swing states where their votes matter most:

A millennial in New Hampshire. A Catholic in Ohio. A long-term unemployed man in Nevada. A Latino in Florida. A single woman in Virginia. An evangelical in Iowa.

Compare The Undecided: Artifacts that reveal identity

We introduced you to them through deeply drawn profiles accompanied by photographic portraits, videos and data visualizations that illuminate the nexus between real life and politics — the emotional terrain that determines how these ordinary Americans could decide the election. With less than a day left before the election, we caught up with them to see if they’ve made up their minds — and how they came to their decision. Three told whom they’re voting for, two wouldn’t say and one — well, she’s still undecided.

The Millennial: Imagining he’s the candidate



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