Month: March 2018

The Cities Where African-Americans Are Doing The Best Economically 2018

The 2007 housing crisis was particularly tough on African-Americans, as well as Hispanics, extinguishing much of their already miniscule wealth. Industrial layoffs, particularly in the Midwest, made things worse. However the rising economic tide of the past few years has started to lift more boats. The African-American unemployment rate fell to 6.8% in December, the lowest level since the

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A Black Woman Who Defied Segregation in Canada Will Appear on Its Currency

OTTAWA — Nine years before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Jim Crow-era bus in Montgomery, Ala., Viola Desmond tried to sit in a whites-only section of a movie theater in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Ms. Desmond, a businesswoman who had her own line of cosmetics and who died in 1965,

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