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Is Neymar Black? Brazil and the Painful Relativity of Race

Ever since his “It’s not like I’m black, you know?” comment, Neymar has served as a focal point in Brazil’s cultural reckoning with racism, whitening, identity and public policy. Years before he became the most expensive player in the world; before his Olympic gold medal; before the Eiffel Tower lit up with his name to

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Robin van Persie and Luis Suárez prepare for a battle of striking wits

The pantomime season is just about over, though anyone missing his fix of princely heroes and dastardly, hissable villains needs only to switch attention to the player-of-the-year contest or tune in to Sunday afternoon’s matinée at Old Trafford, where Robin van Persie and Luis Suárez go head to head and no special effects will be

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