The 10 Menswear Commandments


The story goes like this: one morning, a lone menswear blogger was jogging around Italy (in a suit, natch) during Pitti Uomo, the premier menswear tradeshow of every season. He happened upon a burning pair of double-monk strap shoes, who beckoned him to come near, so it could bestow true knowledge about all things clothing. After it transferred everything it knew to the menswear blogger’s mind, it vanished without a trace, leaving only the smell of Cordovan leather and two Goodyear-welted soles with these very rules etched into them. We are pleased to share them here. These are The 10 Menswear Commandments. CONTINUE READING..

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Test The Kobe VIII In Front Of Kobe Bryant Himself


Everyone buys signature sneakers for different reasons, but here’s one that’s in the back of everyone’s mind: You want to feel like you are that player and have even a part of his game. At least, that’s what the sneaker companies want you to think. Be like Mike, right? Tomorrow, Nike is actually making that a reality by way of letting a select few at Los Angeles’ legendary Venice Beach courts try out the Nike Kobe VIII — as Kobe Bryant himself watches.

The 14-time All-Star will be at the historic courts to give fans a chance to try out the Kobe VIII system in a course that challenges players’ speed, accuracy, focus and vision. Bryant will be talking about the shoes, too. Check out for more information or check out the invitation at the top of this post.

Will you be at Venice Beach?